Entry 16-Fiercely love yourself

All about that #selflove

With all my heart, I truly believe until you can find internal validation for your sense of worthiness, you will continue to seek it, in possibly, the wrong places. We may seek external reinforcement that temporarily provides a false sense of who we are.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice to receive compliments, to get an extra “like,” to pass an exam with flying colors and although some of these things boost your self-esteem, they do not make who you are.

Who you are reflects on your value as a person. Maybe ask yourself, if I were stripped of all things in my life, what do I have left to show for?

I think then, if we really sit long enough with our core, we will find all the messy and beautiful parts of us who makes us who we are.

Imagine if you fiercely loved yourself. What would you notice different about the way you felt about yourself? What would be different among your relationships? Differences at work? What shifts would you make to prioritize your needs? How would you show up for yourself?

Here’s to fiercely loving yourself! 🌱

Published by Claudia

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