Self-Care is a NECESSITY

Setting limits and practicing daily self-care is a necessity. Without it, you will exhaust your system and compromise your intentions.

I know this isn’t easy, but it’s so needed. Suppressing your feelings and overworking yourself isn’t the way to go. This leads to a high amount of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue. It’s ok to FEEL things and say them aloud. It’s ok to find new ways of coping and managing.

It’s not ok to abandon your needs and become overly selfless that you forget how to care for yourself.

It’s our basic human need to care for our very basic needs. Which means, tuning into yourself and asking yourself how you feel and what you need.

When we shift our mindset around self-care from privilege to an innate need for mind and body to function properly, we may start to make the necessary shifts that align with this belief.

To be your most effective self, you must be connected and honor what you require to refuel.

Our systems are in a sense like cars. If we don’t change our oil, fuel up our gas tank, continue to drive on low air, stop maintenance, then we can expect that the car will eventually stop working. Please don’t be that car. Find something, even a little something, that brings you comfort and joy. Make sure you aren’t suppressing your feelings. Your feelings allow you to experience and make changes needed to function properly.

What small or big self-care activities can you incorporate daily? What will energize and comfort you?

Live mindfully, hopeful and persevere.


Claudia Stanley, LCSW

Published by Claudia

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