Trauma snippet

You’re fine one second and then boom, the world feels like its collapsing and you find yourself breathing rapidly seeking a quick escape. You find a distraction and all of a sudden you feel a little better, that is until the next time you don’t. That’s the thing about unresolved trauma. Your body has not cleared what has happened and so when you are triggered in even the smallest way your body experiences that as a threat. When trauma happens your mind can become really talented at finding creative ways to block the memory, but your body cannot. Your body just sits there and takes it all in. The body has no voice or way to recover without the assistance of the mind applying skills to help get it back to homeostasis. There is such value in being able to experience and be present with your emotions. So much healing that can come from vulnerably exploring and remaining curious about what is showing up. It’s not easy work though. It can almost bring on another wave of anxiety just thinking about sitting with your “stuff.” As we learn the art of self-compassion and forgiveness and remain in a stance of being a friend to our emotions, we are better able to recognize cues early on that activate the application of your coping skills. Trauma treatment isn’t just about coping, it’s also about rewiring the traumatic material when it’s at at the surface. It’s about finding peace, taking back control, acknowledging your strength and recognizing your resilience.  Trauma treatment is about setting yourself free from whatever has held you captive and then finally, living the life you deserve. Trauma treatment isn’t about erasing what’s happened to you but changing the narrative. Trauma treatment is a challenging journey, but it provides the most liberating outcome. 

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