Entry 15- Basics of Trauma

Trauma changes everything, but you are able and capable of moving forward with the right supports, resources and clinical assistance. Please seek this, if you have experienced trauma. This entry is meant to only be informative. When someone experiences trauma, their sense of safety and security is disrupted. Their “normal” is gone. At the momentContinue reading “Entry 15- Basics of Trauma”

Entry 13-Solution>Problem

When a problem arises, you have two choices: Focus on the problem or Focus on the solution. It is so easy to get caught up in an overdue vent session. Venting about your work stressors, your finances, your relationship, your kids, your parents, etc., etc., etc. There is nothing unhealthy about unraveling after a longContinue reading “Entry 13-Solution>Problem”

Entry 12-Transitions

A gentle reminder entry. Transitions can be exciting, hopeful and beautiful, but also stressful. Take care of yourself. Transitions. Exciting, right? Hopeful, right? Thrilling, right? Scary, right? Nerve wrecking, right? Stressful? Heck yes!  Transitions in a positive light can create those adrenaline feelings, and those feel great. But those same feelings can also create feelings of doubt, worry, andContinue reading “Entry 12-Transitions”