In response to COVID-19, I am exclusively accessible via telemental health services. Aside of safety benefits, this also means if you do not live near or in Fort Worth, TX and live in any other part of Texas, I am able to provide treatment services to you.

I have created a FREE and brief eBook. The eBook is meant to assist you in being proactive through questions that prompt insight, resources to support and educate you, and educate you on symptoms of distress and stress response. Please contact me for the eBook and I will email it straight to your inbox. The link below will also provide access. Please know the eBook is not a substitute for treatment and is to be used only as an informative resource.

If you would like to inquire about services to assist you with managing COVID-19, please contact me so we can review the intake process and how I can support you during this time. I have completed training regarding COVID-19 and in telemental health services to ensure access. You can find out more about telemental health services by clicking here . I have a background working with crisis and am currently a clinician working with residents in nursing homes. Therefore, if you are a caregiver or adult child of a parent placed in a long term care facility, please do not hesitate to contact me so I can assist you with your needs.

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