Questions and Answers

Why choose Flourish with Hope?

Flourish with Hope is evidence based driven. Meaning, I follow treatment recommendations shown to be effective. At the end of each session the goal is to weave a specific mindfulness technique shown to help manage stress and mood. I offer resources to better support holistic healing and will help coordinate, with a signed release of information. Since I want you to have a positive experience and ensure your treatment is effective, I will prompt you for feedback and evaluate your treatment as we progress.

What should I expect from therapy?

The hope is you will feel empowered, driven and you are motivated to come to your sessions. I have been told by my clients that they look forward to coming to therapy and feel they benefit after each session. I am fully committed to making sure this experience is positive, safe and impactful. At times, and when appropriate, we might laugh, cry and be in silence. One of my goals while working with you, is to create a therapeutic relationship because I believe this will disarm fear and allow us to work efficiently on your goals.

How do you know which model to use?

As I gather information from the initial consultation and intake session, I will let you know which model appears most appropriate and known to be effective for your needs.

How many sessions and how frequent?

Every individual has different needs, and therefore, I will let you know the frequency and intensity once we have spoken and I have gathered more information.

What are your fees?

The sessions range from $125-$150, if time allows we can spend additional time in session. Please inquire about extended time and fees. The initial session is $150-$175 and thereafter is dependent on the treatment needed. We will further explore this after our initial consultation call. Consultation calls are free.

What if you don’t work with my needs?

My priority is your care. If I am unable to meet your needs in a way that would best serve you, or I feel you would better benefit from another treatment model that I am not trained in, I will provide you referrals that may be better suited for your needs.

How long are the sessions?

The initial session is 60 minutes. Follow up sessions are 50 minutes.

What can I expect?

You can expect your initial consultation to be FREE. Once we ensure we are a great fit for your needs and hopes, I will send you all the required paperwork. I ask that you complete these forms prior to session, so we can utilize your time on your needs rather than completing paperwork. After all the necessary paperwork is completed, we will begin treatment.

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