Self-Worth and Self-Care


A deep love and respect for self. Deserving and worthy of all good things. Acceptance of all parts of who you are. Realistic and embrace humanness. Compassion towards self. Knowing perfectionism isn’t achievable. Investing in yourself, because your needs matter. Internal validation> dependence on others opinions.


You find yourself in healthier and secure relationships. You reflect and are grateful for who you have developed into. You recognize your needs matter and so, you take time to care for yourself. You find your voice and use it. You confidently move through life because you know you are worthy and deserving of all good things.


Self-care can mean many things, but essentially it’s finding ways to nourish yourself. Self-care improves our relationship with ourselves, improves our mood and helps us manage the symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma. It is a huge umbrella term that can make self-care feel overwhelming, but I adapt a simple approach into sessions and teach about self-care so it can feel reachable. By taking care of our most basic needs, I believe we are able to create intentional and meaningful lives. I have also published a self-care journal which can be purchased on amazon. Below is the link!



I help individuals overcome anxiety, depression and trauma by developing a strong sense of self-worth and self-care, so they can flourish and thrive. I do this by creating a resilient and empowered identity. This is accomplished through self-care, self-compassion, self-awareness and self-love. Self-care is applied to reduce the effects of stress and how it wreaks havoc on our well-being. Self-compassion is adapted to quiet the unforgiving shame. Self-awareness is incorporated to assist with identifying and understanding the root of the issue, in hopes of breaking free from depression, anxiety and trauma. Self-love is refined, because until we can love our core and accept who we are, we will continue to place ourselves in positions that compromise our well-being.

I am known for helping individuals gain insight and making the required changes to take back control of their life, tame the chaos that presents itself in the mind and body through calming strategies, uncover strengths and rewire the thought process to create a bounce back mentality, and build the required connected relationship to do the inner work and grow.

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