Anxiety can feel debilitating. It can exhaust your body to the point it becomes restless and impacts your ability to fall and stay asleep. It can make your mind race, worry about any and every little thing, and create a sense of panic. It robs you from living in the present moment, so much that it blocks your ability to take action on your goals. Anxiety can get in the way of creating and maintaining relationships.

The recovery goal for anxiety is to gain awareness and rewire the thinking patterns that wreak havoc on the mind, apply calming strategies that bring you into the present moment, and incorporate techniques shown to reduce the stress that compromises and disables your nervous system from relaxing.


Depression can feel exhausting. It depletes you from all your energy and motivation to make the changes you know will help you feel better. It makes you feel insecure, unworthy and undeserving of a meaningful life. It makes you feel sad, helpless, hopeless, and dis-empowered. It creates a false sense of shame and guilt that keeps you trapped in your head.

The recovery goal for depression is to develop a self-care plan aimed at targeting symptoms of depression, understand the root causes that create false beliefs and unhelpful thinking, and incorporate tools that offset the empty and sad feelings.


Trauma can freeze you in your pain and fear. It can keep you trapped in the past and influence the decisions you make. It can create long sleepless nights and lead to unsatisfied relationships. It can make you feel numb and empty. It can create an internal battle filled with guilt, shame and self-blame.

The recovery goal for trauma is to incorporate education, techniques and restructuring of thoughts so you are able to regain control of your life. The goal is to decrease the impact of your trauma by targeting both mind and body responses so you can finally free yourself and flourish into the life you deserve.


I have experience working with many individuals and have a special interest working with high achieving adults, people-pleasers, mom’s, college aged students, elderly and their adult caregivers, foster and adoptive parents, divorcing adults, adults with perfectionist tendencies, professionals facing burnout and compassion fatigue, first responders and their spouses, and working professionals.


You want to feel proud of who you are and feel you have a sense of purpose.
You want to take better care of yourself, so you aren’t feeling so depleted.
You need healing from past wounds.
You are experiencing depression or anxiety.
You know you can achieve goals, but you feel stuck and somewhat helpless and hopeless about the process.
You are eager to make change in your life.


I have worked with many individuals who have been on the more mild side of anxiety, depression and trauma to the more extreme side. Having been exposed to a wide range of symptoms, has motivated me to continue my learning and growth as a clinician so we can effectively learn ways to manage and stop repeating the cycle that leads to debilitation. I have successfully helped those with more mild to moderate symptoms, reduce their symptoms as quick as 8-10 sessions. Although this isn’t the reality for all, it doesn’t mean healing and recovery is not possible. It will depend on your motivation, effort, consistency and engagement to take in the material, education and tools I provide. I have completed several trainings and read a wide range of material that allows me to develop tools unique to your needs. These will at many times develop as we speak, which means that you are receiving new tools and insights tailored to YOU. I will help you build your insight and awareness, help you feel comfortable with intense emotions and make the necessary behavioral changes needed to successfully stabilize your mood. My passion to help you breakthrough your breakdown, keeps me motivated to remain in a learning mindset so you absorb all the hard work I put in behind the scenes.

Contact me today, if you feel that I may be a great fit for your needs.


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