Do you know It's Possible To Live A Life Free Of What If's And Internal Chaos?

kick anxiety to the curb.

Constant worry about future or dwelling in the past, difficulty to fully engage in the moment, unrealistic standards, feeling disconnected from your emotions, restless, comparison, negative self-talk. 

Can't enjoy the present?


Overwhelmed, helplessness, lack of focus, frequent mood swings, irritability, disrupted sleep, avoiding situations that trigger feeling out of control, staying very busy.

Hate feeling out of control?


Constantly second-guessing, overthinking, restless, indecisive, procrastination, seek reassurance, perfectionism. 

Struggle with uncertainy?


It may seem impossible, but I am here to assure you that you have what it takes within you to calm the chaos in your mind and the turmoil in your body.

Do you worry that things won't ever get better?

Feeling this? Read on!

Imagine a life where you don't constantly live in anticipation. Picture a world where you no longer feel the pressure to tackle everything because you've learned to embrace the unknown. You discover that your thoughts no longer hold you captive, and you're finally experiencing life in its fullness. How much would this change the way you are? What kind of life would you lead?

"All I want is a clear mind and a happy heart." - Dipti Bhoyar

You can stop living in the shadows of fear and start living a life of boldness, embracing every moment with courage and determination.

It's time to reclaim your power back and create a life led by confidence and empowerment. 

let's put an end to this

  • You are confident, making decisive choices, silencing self-doubt.
  • You trust your own instincts, embracing self-reliance and indepdence.
  • You have strategies to reduce ovewrhlem.

to thriving by doing this...

  • Overthinking , doubting decisions, facing inner criticism.
  • Constant reassurance, feeling insecure, seeking approval.
  • Overwhelmed, unable to calm the internal chaos. 

just imagine going from...

Together we will address the roots of your anxiety so you can kick it to the curb.

You can have this

If you've fully engaged in this journey, you'll depart with a sense of empowerment, newfound wisdom, and the courage to take risks and make the bold decisions necessary to attain the life you've been longing for.

increased resilience

With my certification in holistic integrative medicine and our personalized treatment approach, you should experience a noticeable reduction in symptoms like headaches, tension, and other anxiety-related issues.

Reduced physical symptoms

At the end of our session, you'll have a practical plan that's like your personal guidebook. It'll be your trusty resource for spotting what sets you off, recognizing the signs when things get tough, and knowing exactly how to manage those moments effectively.

relapse prevention plan

You'll become attuned to your triggers, offering yourself compassion and validation while having a clear understanding of how to proactively and effectively address them.

insight and awareness

You'll gain insight into your window of tolerance and identify the tools that keep you comfortably within your "green zone," where you can access peace whenever you need it.

a toolset 

You'll develop self-trust by tuning into your instincts and putting an end to constant self-doubt. You'll place your confidence in your judgment and embrace self-reliance, finding inner peace through this self-assuredness.


By the end of our time together you will have...

Having dealt with my fair share of anxiety and successfully navigated through it, I want you to know that you can achieve the same. My approach is all about putting you, the client, at the center of your healing journey. It means tailoring your treatment to fit your specific needs and goals so that when our time is up, you'll be well on your way to overcoming the issues that led you to seek help in the first place.

It's time to overcome your anxiety.

Ready for a change?

-stephanie d.

"has such a calming personality and is very knowledgeable! I highly recommend Claudia."

Amy Riley

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kick feelings of helplessness and powerlessness to the curb and are eager to regain control of your life

feeling burnt-out by your tendency to perfect and please 

motivated and ready to breakup with your anxiety

we are a great fit if you are...

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”

— Deepak Chopra







Yes! Can't wait to get started!

ready to breakup with your anxiety?

Consistently seeking approval from those close to you can strain relationships. It may foster people-pleasing habits, compelling you to constantly fix others' issues, inadvertently causing harm by making them feel incapable. It can manifest in physical health problems, contribute to diminished self-esteem, result in hesitant decision-making, erode self-trust, and foster a strong desire for control that constrains your life.

how does anxiety create problems in my life?

 "Failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Others' opinions don't define my worth." "I can take one step at a time. I've overcome challenges before, and I have the strength to face this." "I can't control everything, but I can control my responses. I trust myself to navigate uncertainties.""It's okay to ask for help; I don't have to face everything alone."

what are some powerful reframes for anxiety?

I integrate a variety of techniques into your care, with a primary focus on EMDR, CBT, and DBT. Through my experience, I've found that uncovering the root causes of anxiety, addressing unhelpful thought patterns, and teaching effective methods for self-soothing and emotional control are the most impactful approaches to resolving the impact of anxiety.

what treatment approaches do you use?

Anxiety can feel like a never-ending carousel of thoughts, each spinning faster than the last. It often shows up in the form of nervous habits like nail-biting, as if your worries are gnawing at your fingertips. It can make you feel like you’re constantly on the move, unable to sit still even when you want to. Picture your patience running on empty. Sometimes, it makes you want to avoid certain situations or people, like trying to dodge raindrops in a storm.

how does anxiety show up?

Having experienced this firsthand, I understand how exhausting it can be. It not only steals your peace but also imposes a more rigid and constrained way of life. My aim is to empower women, fostering confidence so they can craft a life that feels liberating and purposeful.

what makes you passionate about treating anxiety?

I address the type of anxiety that traps individuals in cycles of overthinking, self-doubt, and shame. This form of anxiety convinces you that you're not good enough, leading to a pattern of self-sabotage and burnout. It's the kind of anxiety that can leave you feeling unfulfilled in relationships. I aim to break these cycles and empower you to overcome these challenges.

what type of anxiety do you specialize in?

Have Questions? I've got answers.

You deserve a life where you feel empowered and confident.