You are not the problem. YOU are enough.

Whatever it was, it made you feel like you are the problem. I am here to remind you that you are not. 

Claudia Goldstein, LCSW Anxiety and Trauma Therapist

Virtually helping adults in Florida and Texas rebuild their confidence.


Life took you by surprise and completely blindsided you. Whether it was a breakup, betrayal, transitioning into motherhood or a new career, it made you question yourself and worst, made you feel not enough. 

When life changes happen, you become vulnerable because you can feel out of control. Your mind may start to race and you start seeking reassurance and validation about who you are. You start taking on more then you should and you end up in a routine that feels lifeless. You get burnt out and start dwelling in the parts of your life that make you feel (negative blank) about yourself. 

I am here to help you pick up the shattered parts of your identity

I will help you rebuild a YOU, you are PROUD of. I am here to help you regain your confidence.

YOU can calm your racing heart.

YOU can say yes to things that bring happiness back into your life. 

YOU can quiet your inner critic.

YOU can break generational patterns that left you feeling “too much” and misunderstood.

YOU can control your emotions.

YOU can heal from emotional wounds.


What People Say

“Claudia makes me feel seen, heard and understood. She has helped me build a relationship with myself that has led to some positive changes in my life.”

“She does more than just talk therapy. She gives me tools and has helped me better understand why I do the things I do. I have learned to be more self-compassionate.”


Find the WHY that keeps you stuck in these vicious cycles of not feeling enough and worthy and apply tools that actually work. 

You are not alone. Many people when faced with a change in their life feel inadequate, like a failure or disappointment.  

YOU are WORTH the change.

To find out how you can heal from rooted issues, contact me via email or phone for a free 15 minute consultation call.