If you are feeling defeated, scared, lost, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, broken, insecure and all in between, Flourish with Hope was created for you. 

I created Flourish with Hope on the pillars of empowerment and resilience. I believe that some of our most challenging times, can help develop us into who we are supposed to become. Life can have a not so funny way of shaking our world to help grow us out of our comfort zone. I  have confidence that with the right tools and support, you will recover and thrive.

What is therapy?

I believe therapy is about healing, insight, awareness and knowledge. Therapy is about identifying healthier solutions to problems, calming those worry filled thoughts and creating a tool set to help you when you feel helpless. Sometimes therapy is a good laugh. Sometimes therapy is a good cry. Sometimes therapy is unleashing the hard stuff so you can get to the good stuff.

Therapy is about working together to help find effective ways to manage the past, present and the future. Therapy is a judgment free zone and a safe place to let “it” all out.

I believe therapy is one of the most important investments you can make for yourself and that is why it is my mission to join you in flourishing into your best self.

-Flourish into your best self-