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Hi! I am Claudia.

I help people-pleasing adults break free from the chains of self-doubt and overthinking.

Trauma and Anxiety Therapist and Holistic Integrative Medicine Provider

If you are motivated, have awareness of your struggles but just can’t find a tool or way to get unstuck, I might be just what you are looking for. I use proven techniques that help adults uncover the rooted issue and recover from past wounds that have no business interfering with the present or future.

The feedback I have received is that they didn’t think therapy could work this fast, they didn’t thin they would find someone who “gets them,” they have actual tools to help them overcome their setbacks, I ask questions that help them think in a way they never have before, and they feel hopeful, lighter and empowered.

You deserve to heal. You are worthy of doing all the things that align with your vision of a meaningful life. You owe it to yourself to flourish into your very best-self and I’m here to help you.

Give me a call or email me anytime. I try my best to respond within 48 hours. Whether I am available or not, I will return your message.

Contact me today!

Looking forward to hearing more about your hopes and needs!

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Anxiety can feel overwhelming for both mind and body. Learn calming techniques and what exactly is creating your distress.

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Depression can create a great deal of helplessness and hopelessness. It can feel debilitating. Gain the insight you need to help rewire faulty thinking that get in the way of living a meaningful life.

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Trauma can leave you feeling trapped and in a state of fear. Living this way largely impacts your sense of safety. Together we will help you manage your reactions and regain control of your life.

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I have a special niche in self-worth. It is my bread and butter. I truly believe in order to live an authentic and fulfilling life, you have to create a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. I have created a treatment outline specifically for this.

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“It’s time to love yourself, respect yourself, admire yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself, nurture yourself. Today’s the day.”


Claudia Goldstein, LCSW and Author

Journaling your way to self-care

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Claudia Goldstein, LCSW

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Claudia Goldstein, LCSW, PLLC

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