You are not the problem. YOU are enough.

I help overthinking adults overcome setbacks and stop cycles of people-pleasing and perfectionism by empowering them to become confident and intentional.

Claudia Goldstein, LCSW | Anxiety and Trauma Therapist

Online therapy for adults struggling with Anxiety, Trauma, Life Changes, Self-Esteem in Texas and Florida.


You are more than the situation that blindsided you. You can turn your pain into your victory story. It’s time to start this new season in your life with hope, strength and a YOU you are PROUD of.

You deserve happiness and peace. You are worth saying yes to you and creating a life that feels intentional and rewarding. You can break cycles of people-pleasing, perfectionism and overthinking. You are worthy simply because of who you are.

I am here to help you pick up the shattered parts of your identity and help build a confident you

You can calm your racing heart.

You can stop overthinking.

You can quiet your inner critic.

You can control your emotions.

You can heal from emotional wounds and recover from your trauma.

You can place boundaries and effectively communicate.

Here’s how it works:

1. You email me at or call me at 562.457.6459 for your free 15 minute consultation call so we can discuss your current needs and hopes.

2. You start your first session were we dig deeper and start creating your goals.

3. You continue your sessions so we can bring you emotional relief and help increase control over your thoughts, behaviors and limiting beliefs.
4. You heal from emotional wounds, gain tools to soothe mind and body, stop people-pleasing and reduce your need to be perfect. You create a confident and compassionate you.

You can reclaim your power back through creating a confident, empowered and compassionate you. 


Find the WHY that keeps you stuck in these vicious cycles of not feeling enough and apply tools that actually work. 

You are NOT alone. Many people feel lost, anxious, nervous, confused, helpless, hopeless and overwhelmed.

You WILL get through this and come out a more resilient you.

Learn more about how I can help you heal and recover from your Trauma and Anxiety and help you gain back your Self-Worth.

YOU are WORTH the change.

To find out how you can heal from rooted issues, contact me via email or phone for a free 15 minute consultation call. 


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