Life changes are the chapters of our journey, blending challenges and opportunities, shaping our growth story.

Thrive through this season.


The unknown aspects of the future can be daunting and evoke fear and anxiety.

Fear Abandonment
and have lost confidence?


Life changes can sometimes challenge your sense of self and force you to redefine who you are and what you value.

Going through an identity crisis?


Life changes often come with a rollercoaster of emotions.

Experiencing anxiety, grief, fear, disappointment?


Are you?

Life changes are undeniably tough, but it's in facing these challenges that we discover our strength and resilience.

Feeling this? Read on!

Whether you're facing a breakup, embarking on the journey of motherhood, or going through a relocation, you have the inner strength to emerge from these experiences equipped, confident, and at peace.

Getting through this phase of life can be quite challenging, don't you think?

Embrace this moment as a chance for growth, resilience, and a brighter future. The road ahead may not be easy, but remember, within you lies the strength to rise, thrive, and find a path to the extraordinary.

Now is your moment to rediscover your true self and transform your breakdown into a powerful breakthrough

We can fix that!

Feeling confident and self-assured.
Feeling empowered and in control of your thoughts and actions.
Feeling optimistic and hopeful about the future.

to thriving by doing this...

Feeling inadequate and insecure.

Feeling overwhelmed and stuck in thought patterns that don't serve you.

Feeling helpless and hopeless thinking things will never get better.

just imagine going from...

You can flourish despite the unexpected twists and turns of this season.

Confidence as a mother provides emotional strength, enabling you to handle the challenges of parenthood with grace.

Emotional strength:

Inner Healing: Confidence and empowerment help you heal emotionally and regain your sense of self after a breakup.

Inner healing:

Motherhood is full of surprises, and confidence is your armor. It helps you bounce back when things get tough and navigate the challenges with grace.


Bouncing back after a breakup can be emotionally taxing. Feeling confident and empowered helps you regain emotional well-being, so you can better handle the emotional rollercoaster.

Improved Mental Health: 

Going through a breakup can be a transformative experience, and feeling empowered can lead to personal growth and self-improvement.

Personal Growth: 

Confidence can improve how you interact with others and foster healthier relationships.

Better Relationships: 

By the end of our time together you will have...

This is your sign to reach out today, reclaim your heart from heartbreak, embrace the present, and navigate the complexities of motherhood, relocation and career changes with a renewed sense of empowerment.

It's your turn to conquer the hurdles of this season

Ready for a change you get to choose?

Pursuing new career pathways, but worried that it's not the right path?

Constantly wondering if things will get better?

Desiring to find the silver lining in this situation so you can find inner peace and happiness?

Experiencing a breakup/divorce that has shattered every piece of your confidence?

A new mom navigating the up's and down's of motherhood and filled with guilt, shame and fear?

Second guessing if relocation was the right move?

Are you?

Say Goodbye to a season of overwhelm and hello to a fresh start

This is your reminder that in a season of upheaval, feelings of loneliness and uncertainty you are courageous for making the change.

-Relocation & career changes

This is your reminder that although you feel uneasy, you are standing strong in a time that wants so bad to rob you of your spirit of hope and resilience.

- for the heartbreak

This is your reminder that in a season of sleep deprivation, insecurity and constant second-guessing, you are doing the best you can with what inner and outer resources you have. 

-for the New mom

Recovered heartbreak | Postpartum Anxiety Breaker | Successful relocator. 

I'm Claudia. Your confidant and guiding compass through this season. 

hey there!

You feel anxious about the unknown and the uncertainty of the future.

You have a fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or fear of making the wrong decision.

You are experiencing Sadness and Grief for what you're leaving behind, such as people, a sense of who you are, places, or routines.

You are struggling with thoughts of "what if?" "Can I handle this?" "Am i making the right decision?"

Let me guess... you are here because:


module one

paving the road


+ Learn about the psychological impact  so you understand the emotional and psychological effects of change, like stress and anxiety.

+Work towards acceptance, so you can understand the importance of accepting change as an inevitable part of life.

The why behind what makes this transition so HARD

+ Explore and understand your transition, so you can better understand yourself in this process.

+ Identify key thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck and hold you back from moving forward.

befriend change

+ Gain emotional regulation tools to help you take back the control over your emotions.

+ Build resilience so you utilize your strengths and character to get you through this tricky season. 

Kick the feeling of Naked and Afraid to the curb

+ Develop a unique self-care plan for you that will help you rebuild trust and joy.
+ Identify your key people and find ways to connect with others that can normalize, validate and encourage you along the way.

survive and thrive

+ Set strategic goals to help kick off the path for transformation. 

+ Discover adaptation strategies that equip you through this journey of growth. 

Put on your construction hat and make a new path

+ Enhance your problem solving skills so you can rely on yourself to find solutions to your sticky situations.

+ Gain the communication and conflict resolution tools that will help you build healthy and fulfilling relationships (with self and others).

module three

+ Enhance your self-discovery journey as you identify your values and moral compass .

+ Sustaining positive changes by identifying strategies for maintaining and growing the positive aspects of change in your life.

Get in the driver seat with confidence in what is to come, embracing change.

+ Celebrate your achievements and resilience. You deserve to reflect on your personal growth, and the milestones you have achieved throughout the change process.

+ Leave your time with hobbies and interests that feel rewarding and help center you to who you are. 

module four

Here's What You'll Learn

let's dive in!

"Claudia is passionate at working with individuals who are working through life changes. She helps her client's get unstuck from things that are holding them back from living the life they want."

-Kristin C.

I have survived my anxiety before.

These times are challenging, but they only make up one chapter of my book.



you want transformational change.

you want the past to stay in the past.

You are done with being disappointed with yourself. 

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