Just as flowers rise above adversity to reveal their full splendor, you too possess the strength to flourish beyond trauma’s shadows.

you can heal from your trauma

You are struggling with uncertainty and constant "what if's."

You identify with an anxious attachment, fearing that you aren't enough and will be rejected.

You struggle to set healthy boundaries without feeling selfish.

You don't ask for help out fear of feeling like a burden. 

You constantly say yes, to avoid the discomfort of conflict and disappointment.

You find yourself thinking you are "too much," "too sensitive,"

You are constantly on edge and feeling overwhelmed, burden by the inability to find your sense of peace and control.

Right this minute, you can probably to relate to the following:

Welcome to the consequences of trauma.

The types of trauma we treat:

Broken trust by someone you love/care about and/or an overwhelming amount of emotional distress that came from gaslighting, gossip or some other emotional harm. 

Betrayal & attachmentTrauma

Any life event that has happened that has emotionally overwhelmed you, was life threatening or has kept you looped in a cycle of defeat and anxiety. 

single life event trauma

Multiple events that happened during childhood-emotional neglect, witnessing domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse, bullying, parent(s) controlling, excessive pressure or emotionally dismissive. 

Complex Childhood Trauma



Difficulty making decisions, fear of abandonment, trust issues, poor boundaries, difficulty with change, people-pleasing, caretaking, anxiety, your relationships feel stuck.

Shame and guilt

Feel like you are "bad," blame yourself constantly, feeling a negative way about yourself, inner critic is constantly there.


Not engaging in self-care, feeling burnt out, feeling emotionally overwhelmed, lack boundaries, dissociating, feeling numb, unmotivated, self-critical. 

anxious attachment

Always trying to fix your partner's problems, overstep others boundaries, fear of being alone and rejection, need constant validation, tolerating unhealthy behaviors.

avoid conflict

Refusal to discuss topic, change the topic, put the problem "under the rug," passive-aggressive.

Poor boundaries

Say yes, even if you don't want to, feel guilty if you take care of yourself, don't speak up for yourself.

Mistrust others

You pick fights, you hav ea fear of abandonement, experinece jealousy, you distance yourself, you might not forgive easily.

lack confidence

You have a fear of failing, you take things personal, you get stuck in the comparison game, feel unworthy, sensitive to criticism, you seek approval from others.


It's hard to say no, you need others to like you, you say sorry when you aren't the one to blame, struggle with authenticity, conflict upsets you, you feel unfulfilled in your relationships

low self-esteem

Lack confidence, feel unlovable or inadequate, sensitive to criticism or disapproval, fear rejection, critical of yourself, say sorry a lot. 

seek reassurance

You struggle to believe that they're not mad at you, you don't believe what they say and think they mean something else, you seek reassurance on the same thing over and over.


You're a perfectionist, you go above and beyond, unrealistic expectations and pressure on self, feel burnout and irritable.

Inner Peace



Secure Self


Healthy Relationships

- Robin k.

"Claudia is a warm and encouraging therapist who is highly skilled in treating trauma survivors and people going through significant life changes."

I actually do! Click here for the trauma workbook! 

do you have any freebies on trauma for me?

For as long as I can remember, my calling has been to heal trauma. From confronting generational curses within my own family to working with children globally whose childhoods were marred by trauma. I've served adults ranging from 99 years old who have bravely faced and shared their pain, to individuals in both inpatient and outpatient settings grappling with thoughts of suicide and self-harm stemming from the disruptive impact of trauma.

what is your experience in working with trauma?

I'm no stranger to trauma and understand the struggles and weight it carries. I know the exhaustion of being perceived as the "strong, resilient one." You didn't choose your trauma, and you deserve to break free from its chains. There is healing, hope, and a profound sense of freedom from carrying the burdens of your pain. You, and others like you, are the driving force behind my passion.

why are you passionate about healing trauma?

Here you are, carrying the weight of your pain and seeking a way out. Your presence on this page suggests you recognize your inherent worth. Trusting a stranger with your deepest fears and secrets takes courage, and I appreciate you seeing something in me that piqued your curiosity. If you're ready to embark on your healing journey, I'm here for you. Reach out for a free consultation call.

 what words of encouragement do you have for me?

I smile as I share this because I've witnessed tears of relief streaming down faces as individuals work through traumas that once defined their sense of self. What comes next is truly transformative change. They break free from habits and things that no longer reflect their true empowered, resilient, deserving, and worthy selves. You deserve this transformation too!

what types of outcomes do you see?

I specialize in a game-changing therapy called EMDR. It's like pulling out the weeds so we can finally address and heal the underlying issues, preventing them from growing back. Unlike traditional talk therapy, EMDR uses unique bilateral stimulation techniques. Curious to learn more? Click here.

What approaches do you use to treat trauma?

Have Questions? I've got answers.

You can heal your past. 
You have the power to transform your story.
You are stronger than your past; you are a survivor. 
You can find peace and healing within yourself.
You can release the shame and guilt that doesn't belong to you.
You can release the pain of your past and welcome the joy of your future. 

I'm Claudia and I'm here for you.