Have you experienced a loss of identity and confidence?

Are you overthinking everything and second guessing yourself?

Are you finding it hard to calm your racing heart and feel weighted by the thoughts and strong emotions?

Do you experience feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and powerlessness?

Are you feeling not good enough?

Is it hard to quiet your inner critic?

If you answered yes to all or most, you are experiencing the impact that trauma has on mind, body and spirit. You are NOT alone. Many experiencing similar thoughts and feelings after experiencing a transition. Whether it be a breakup, a career change, a new role as a mother, it can place you in a vulnerable position that makes it difficult for you to navigate this new season.

Here is how I can help you turn your breakdown into your breakthrough:

Reduce emotional distress and negative self-talk.

Work through the trauma by correcting negative beliefs and thoughts, discomforting sensations in the body that have disturbed your inner peace and shattered your confidence.

Teach you techniques that will help you experience a more present, mindful, self-aware you that will help increase your self-worth and self-esteem.

Address the WHY behind your triggers and heal from emotional wounds that haunt your present.

I am here to help your regain your confidence with a strong sense of empowerment. Together, we will help you calm your body, challenge your inner critic and engage in activities and techniques that have proven to help many others recover from a loss of self after experiencing trauma.

You can start to feel better, gain your energy and motivation back and get yourself back on track to creating a life that honors your passions and values. You DESERVE to live a life that reclaims your power and sense of control.

Through therapy, you will learn much about WHY you fell into these patterns and I will help get you unstuck so you don’t run the risk of falling into the same habits that have created much anxiety, depression and fear.

Call me today for a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about how we can help you regain your confidence.


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