You are not the problem. YOU are ENOUGH.

Hi! I am Claudia.

I help adults overcome their setbacks

Trauma and Anxiety Therapist

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Are you?

Motivated, aware of your struggles, but can’t find a tool or way to get unstuck?

Do you?

Get overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings, experience shame, feel not good enough, and find you are your own worst critic?

Did you?

Recently experience a change that effected your worth and relationship with yourself?

I am what you are looking for

I will give you tools that help you cope with anxiety and the emotions that feel “too much”, create a compassionate relationship with yourself, build healthy relationships, uncover the rooted issue and recover from past wounds that have no business interfering with the present or future.

Let me help you reclaim your power back through creating a confident, empowered and compassionate you. 
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Therapy that gives you hope.

Focused Areas:


When we act from a place of feeling not enough or unworthy, we tend to people-please and want to be perfect. We will constantly be met with disappointment if we are deriving our worth from other’s validation and measures. It brings me great passion to help you uncover rooted beliefs that keep you trapped in feeling like you are the problem and transform that into you recognizing that you are worthy and deserving of healthy relationships, your ambitions and purpose. You don’t have to be motivated by shame and guilt. You can live a content and fulfilled life.

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Anxiety can feel overwhelming for both mind and body. Learn calming techniques and what exactly is creating your distress. You can stop overthinking, feeling overwhelmed and on edge. You don’t have to be constantly busy and burnt out.

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Trauma can leave you feeling trapped and in a state of fear. Living this way largely impacts your sense of safety and your identity. Together we will help you manage your reactions and regain control of your life. Stop letting trauma dictate your life and regain your power through recovery.

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Depression can create a great deal of helplessness and hopelessness. It can feel debilitating. Gain the insight you need to help rewire faulty thinking that get in the way of living a meaningful life.

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